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Mind-Body-Spirit Integration Medicine Sessions 


Acupuncture * Massage and Bodywork * Intuitive Nutrition and Herbal Medicine * Mindful Guided Meditation * Breath Practice * Qi Gong/Yoga * Inner Child Empowerment * Trauma Resiliency * Loving Lifestyle Guidance

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A Dynamic Integrative Approach 

Integrative Medicine is a practical strategy that places you, the patient at the center. Together, we address the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences that affect health and help you step into your power.

By treating you as a whole person, both the immediate needs as well as the effects of the long-term and complex interplay between a range of biological, behavioral, psychosocial and environmental influences are addressed. This process enhances your ability to not only get well but most importantly, to stay well.

You are the empowered partner of an integrative approach to your personalized health care.  We address your unique conditions, needs and circumstances. An integrative approach emphasizes prevention, health maintenance, and early intervention, and utilizes all appropriate, evidenced-based and personalized therapeutic approaches to achieve optimal health and wellbeing across your lifespan.

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