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Mind-Body Integration

Inner Child Advocacy

Trauma Resiliency 

Digestive Wellness

Polyvagal Theory

Nervous System and Hormonal Regulation

Pain and Stress Management

Greetings! I'm looking forward to getting to know you. Here is just a bit about me.


I grew up exploring the landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. I've always been drawn to nature and mesmerized by the extraordinary complexity. Once I realized this connection is a reflection of the innate wisdom we carry within I was set on a path of exploration and curiosity. 


I found myself looking to natural healing as an answer to many of the things I was challenged with. I soon attended Bastyr University to complete my Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition in 2009. While there I also received my license to become a massage practitioner and bodyworker. I was exposed to many different forms of natural healing and found a deep resonance with East Asian philosophies such as Chinese, Japanese, and Ayurvedic medicines, which consider the connections between internal (body, mind) and external (environmental) influences and how this affects the spirit.  I was driven to educate myself further and attended the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine (SIOM) where I studied acupuncture, herbal medicine, and bodywork. In 2013 I graduated with a Master's Degree and then became licensed as an East Asian Medical Practitioner. 


In 2018 I attended a doctorate program offered by the Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine (SIEAM) formerly (SIOM). My work is specific to life nourishing practices in the management of chronic health concerns and the relationship between trauma and nervous system dysregulation in autoimmune conditions.  

I combine a diverse set of skills intent on lifestyle balancing rituals, as well as clinical applications including but not limited to acupuncture, bodywork, mind-body integration, and nutritional strategies to resolve long-standing issues.


Online classes and one on one sessions are availble to learn how to become more fully aligned with your true nature and breakthrough limiting beliefs and patterning. I am also available for retreats and events. My private practice is located in Bothell. 

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