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My Journey


My path to health and wellness started from a very early age. From about 6 months old into adulthood, I was plagued with food sensitivities and severe eczema flares. I also started suffering from chronic pain and migraines when I was an adolescent. My family sought out treatments for me, dietary restrictions, steroids, allergy injections, even surgery but they never gave a permanent solution and I ended up regressing. By adulthood, I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, osteoarthritis and developed a herniated disc in my cervical spine. All of these seemingly separate conditions were treated by physicians as such. The medications the doctor prescribed always came with a lengthy list of side effects and being such a sensitive person I usually experienced many of them. After a few rotations of medications, I started doing my own research and found that a common side effect of the medication I was taking was the same thing I was taking it for - anxiety! I was done. I was determined to find a new path to wellness, one that took into consideration the source of these ailments and treat more than just symptoms.


I started looking into nutrition, herbal remedies and had inspiration from a few individuals in my life that helped me navigate and find a path to natural medicine. Once on that path I fully embraced it and found relief from most of my conditions. I was finally seen as a whole person that had an imbalance causing these connected things to affect each other.  I was empowered to educate and investigate my true path to wellness and find a deeper connection to myself. 


I was feeling better by making changes to my diet and lifestyle. I became inspired to go to school and help educate others about their unique path to wellness. I earned a Bachelors Degree in Nutrition at Bastyr University, I also earned my massage license while there. I was exposed to the many benefits of Acupuncture and decided to pursue my Master’s Degree in Chinese Medicine at the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine. I also learned about herbal medicine, meditation and extended my training in bodywork. 

I have been treating patients since 2009 and have seen some miraculous results in many acute and chronic conditions. I truly believe that your body wants to heal it just takes loving guidance. If we appreciate and listen to our body and our heart when something is not quite right we can move forward in our process of healing and learn how to prevent new conditions from arising. 



Healing begins within,

trust your innate wisdom.  

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