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Seed Cycling and the Moon Phases

Seed cycling is a simple, gentle and effective way to naturally balance hormone levels. It can help regulate your menstrual cycle, increase fertility or reduce symptoms of peri and post menopause, PMS and PCOS. It is a nutritional protocol that encourages your body’s cycles to follow the natural rhythm nature intended. By adding 4 seeds at specific times, following the moon phases, you assist the body in producing or eliminating specific hormones at the correct times.

Moon Phases and your cycle:

Environmental cues can help us tune into our natural states of being, some of these include light, the lunar phases and tides. Your natural female hormonal rhythm can follow the average 28 day moon cycle. If tuning to natural rhythms, a women can be at her peak fertility when the moon is fullest and the light shines on her form making her visible to her partner. Around the new moon, the darkest time, women menstruate and fertility is at it’s lowest state. The lunar cycle can also be an easy way to calculate hormonal phases for women with irregular periods, experiencing peri and post menopause.

Progesterone and Estrogen are the two main hormones that regulate these biological cycles.

New Moon: Days 1-14/15 Follicular Phase

Day 1 of your cycle is the day that menstruation begins or you first notice bleeding. For peri or post menopause go by the moon phases. This two week period is the Follicular phase. During the first phase of the cycle, from the first day of menstruation through ovulation or days 1 - 14/15 of the lunar phase, estrogen levels increase and is predominate. Pumpkin seeds and flax seeds combined provide the body with an effective hormonal balance by sequestering excess estrogen via lignans in flax to bind and eliminate it from the body while the pumpkin provides zinc that aids in the production of progesterone that is released in the luteal phase phase. These seeds are also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that nourish the cell membrane needed for a healthy brain and nervous system, increased immunity, reduce inflammation and promote a healthy vascular system. To boost results it is also advised to add a daily high quality fish oil supplements at this time.

Full Moon: Days 15-28/29 Luteal Phase

Ovulation during the second phase of the cycle days 15/16 - 28/29 the estrogen levels are on the decline at this time as progesterone levels rise. Sesame seeds and sunflower seeds again support biological balance as hormones shift. Sesame seeds, contain less lignans, but continue to help eliminate excess estrogen. They are rich in zinc and selenium which continue to boost progesterone and fatty acids that stabilize the shift of progesterone and estrogen. An additional bonus at this time is to add hemp oil, which has a perfect ratio of omega3/omega6 and a healthy dose of GLA that reduce inflammation, nerve pain and swelling.


Soak your seeds for 4 hours or more before use. Use a small mason jar and measure out the amount needed for each day add filtered water to about 2 inches above the seed line. Cover and let sit in a cool dark place like your cupboard. When they are ready strain the liquid off and grind the seeds into your smoothie or other recipe.

Days 1-14/15 (New Moon), 1 TBSP each Flax and Pumpkin Seed

Days 15-28/29 (Full Moon), 1 TBSP each Sesame and Sunflower Seed

While you may begin to see changes sooner, it generally takes 3 months before you see significant changes in your symptoms. Be patient and take good care of yourself during this time by drinking lots of water, getting regular exercise, and eating a balanced diet! Always work with a practitioner to make sure this protocol is right for you.

Ideas for Adding Seeds to Your Diet

Blending into a smoothie makes the process of grinding seeds simple & easy.

Ways to incorporate seeds into my diet is to sprinkle them on cereal, veggies, and salads or blend them into smoothies.

In a pinch, you can add your ground seeds to a glass of juice, nut milk, or water and drink immediately.

Try making hormone balancing seed bars

Raw tahini is a great way to add sesame seeds to your diet. Add it to salad dressing, hummus, or spread it on crackers!

Other considerations

It is important to use a blue light filter on your devices and computers to maintain this rhythm. Another interesting influence of the lunar cycle is gravitational pull. We are fluid bodies and can become ungrounded by the full moon cycles, so it is important to have ways to ground, like seed cycling, to maintain a balanced hormonal cycles.

*Always consult your healthcare practitioner before applying protocols. This is an educational resource and not a substitute for working closely with a medically licensed professional. You are a unique individual and there is not a one size fits all method. Working with a trained professional can help you find the right correct medical strategy tailored to your needs.

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